Name Of Cities In Soulth Africa

South Africa has nine metropolitan municipalities. They are:

  • Buffalo City (East London and surrounds)
  • Cape Town (the Cape peninsula)
  • Ekurhuleni (in the east of Gauteng, East Rand)
  • eThekwini (Durban and surrounds)
  • Johannesburg (in the centre of Gauteng)
  • Mangaung (Bloemfontein and surrounds)
  • Msunduzi (Pietermaritzburg and surrounds)
  • Nelson Mandela Metropole (Port Elizabeth and surrounds)
  • Tshwane (North Gauteng, mainly Pretoria).[1]

The metropoles of Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg and Tshwane are not distinct but form a single conurbation. The metropoles of eThekwini and Msunduzi are distinct but in close proximity of each other. The Buffalo City, Mangaung and Msunduzi municipal areas have been proclaimed as metropolitan municipal areas but will only attain that status at the next local elections in 2011; currently they are local municipalities.

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